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38 Mark Street

Parow Valley




General Information:




Business proposal to prospective clients.

Site analysis and protection plan.

Contract signing.


Management Involement and commitment due management team is commited to providng you woth service excellence and we only achieve that by being there, at your

site, interacting with you and our security personnel on a regular basis.


Yes, we understand it is all about our relationship with you as our valued client and with our security personnel who put their lives on the line to safe guard you...and that is

exactly the kind of relationship you want to rely on to protect your famliy, your property,

assets and /or personnel.



We recognize, respect and value our people. We act with integrity in whatever we do.


Commitment: Our company's commitment

to protect and promote our clients interest is important to us and not negotiable.


Integrity: Our integrity is reflected in our reputable service delivery; mutual trust, open and fair dealing with our clients.


We conduct our services very transparent, and we stand accountable to our clients.

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